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Just a blog dedicated to all the amazing and colorful individuals and personalities portrayed on A&E's Intervention. I am in no way making fun of or minimizing the severity and seriousness of addiction, I am only showing and appreciating the hilarity, chaos, drama, and wildness that ensues on this amazing television show.

Make a request of an Intervention moment you want to see on here! I would be more then happy to make it!

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pastelsemen asked: how can i submit photos to you? i have tons of them some have captions but not all. i have a lot they are from older episodes mostly.

i just added the submissions link under the header, if it isn’t showing up use this URL:


i look forward to seeing them! if you have any problems submitting let me know! thank you :D


hey everyone-

i don’t know if i have ever mentioned this on here but i am also an addict that is new in recovery and sobriety. i tried to caption a few episodes last night but i realized i am still triggered very easily and i got some super strong urges. it may be best i dont watch intervention for a little while unfortunately, so if anyone has any submissions i would greatly appreciate that.. thanks for understanding :) ttyl¬†

i just heard the horrible news that intervention has been cancelled. im so bummed out about this but i think in honor of the show i am going to resurrect this blog. i missed so many good episodes that need to be captioned and put up here! stay tuned :)

Anonymous asked: Hi there,

Apologies for the message out the blue but I saw your post about Ketamine on> the Tumblr forum page

My name is Mark Rankin I’m an Assistant Producer at Pioneer Productions
> and we are just starting on production of a new documentary
> looking into drugs, it will be a 4 part series looking into how People take
> drugs and the experiences they have on them. It will be a fair documentary
> looking into both the positive and negative effects.
> One of the drugs we are loo

is this for real?

octopop asked: I found cristy's episode! i've been looking for it forever and i thought you'd like to know where it was too! megavideoDOTcom/?d=CKH60LFS

YAY! Thanks for finding it, there’s been a lot of people looking for it!


If you missed this week’s new Intervention episode, watch it now! It was a really sad one but a good one.¬†

And I will be making lots of new pictures so keep a lookout for those! :)


deeemonroe asked: where can I watch full episode of christy intervention ?

i can’t find it online anymore. the only places i know where you can download it are itunes and netflix. i’ll keep an eye open and post anything i can find though! :)

believerecovery asked: in the midst of my heroin addiction, this had to be at least 2 ago or more. i shot up with rachel, in a tent. she didn't live in new york then, she was still in new jersey, where i am from. her bf was there too joei. he was as bad as they portrayed him to be. but her and i got along so well. when i saw her on intervention, wasn't shocked but i was sad to see how bad she had gotten. me and her still talk on facebook, she lives in cali now & she is still clean, and i am too! 50 days for me today!!

wow! that is so awesome!!!! congratulations! 50 days is a huge accomplishment! and congrats to rachel too. she seems like a really cool person and joie seemed like such a douche. good luck in your recovery! i’m rooting for you!! :)

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